Communist Party condemns ‘cowardly attack’ against MP Alexandra Balou

The Communist Party condemned the “vile and cowardly” attack of regional councilor Thanos Tzimeros against party lawmaker (People’s Rally) Alexandra Balou, during a meeting of the regional council on Thursday.

According to press reports, Tzimeros walked in the hall, he started tearing up posters calling for a strike on May 17 and then taunted and punched Balou, after she demanded an explanation.

“He is awell-known, hysterical enemy of the people’s struggle, who repeatedly provokes, causes incidents and expresses hatred towards the workers’ movement,” the party said in a press release.

“Regional councilors of the People’s Rally along with other councilors condemned the incident and asked for Tzimeros’ expulsion from the room, which was accepted,” it added.