Composer and singer Loukianos Kilaidonis dies

Popular composer and singer Loukianos Kilaidonis died early Tuesday at the age of 73.

Kilaidonis was hospitalised with severe health problems.

Loukianos Kilaidonis was born in Athens and studied Architecture in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Athens Metsovio Polytechnic. However, he never worked as an architect but focused on music.

His career started in early 70s when he wrote the music score for the play “I poli mas”.

He wrote music for the theatre and the cinema as well as for popular singers. He sang for the first time his own songs in 1973 in the period of the Greek junta. This LP, which was illegal, was a landmark in Kilaidonis’ carreer and inspired a whole generation.

Kilaidonis was an artist that loved to play live. In 1983 he organised “the party in Vouliagmeni” the so-called Greek Woodstock in which gathered over 70,000 people.

He was married with Greek actress and member of parliament Anna Vagena and had two daughters.