Compound name for FYROM remains Greece’s firm position, Tzanakopoulos says

Government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos underlined that the Greek government’s position on the FYROM name issue remains absolutely firm, during the regular press briefing on Monday: “The solution must be a compound name with geographic or time qualifier for use in relations to everyone, so that it’s completely clear that nobody is claiming the territory or the history of other peoples and all irredentist prospects are ruled out.”

“This is the only responsible stance that establishes Greece’s position as a power that guarantees stability and cooperation among the people of the wider region. A destabilised region that must, at last, leave behind the disputes of the past and enter into a period of joint growth and prosperity,” he added

Referring to the negotiations on FYROM’s name, he said that the Greek government insists on the need for a mutually acceptable solution.

Addressing Greece’s political forces, meanwhile, he urged them to be nationally responsible and understand that what undermined the nation’s interests was a non-solution of the issue, rather than any particular solution.

“The nationalist and extreme-right rhetoric has done irreparable injury to the country and the nation’s interests in the past,” he said, adding that “nobody can counterfeit history and hide the fact that Greece, through its leadership, has officially and categorically accepted the solution of a compound name erga omnes for the last 15 years. On our part we will continue to insist that nationalist extremes, fanaticism and bigotry are damaging and lead to national impasses”.