Condemnation for attack on professor during lecture at Piraeus University

An attack by some 10 individuals on Professor of International Relations Mary Bosi, who was doused with paint as she was delivering a lecture at Piraeus University on Thursday morning, was unequivocally condemned by the education ministry, the university and the ruling SYRIZA party.

“Such phenomena have no place, either in society or within universities,” the education ministry said.

A meeting was later held between Piraeus University Rector Angelos Kotios and the professor regarding the incident, in which 10 individuals wearing hoods broke into the auditorium and threw paint at her. The professor was not injured but the room was covered in paint and the class had to be interrupted.

A Piraeus University announcement “unequivocally” condemned the actions of the individuals involved as “offensive” and expressed the university’s full support for Bosi, while noting that the university’s academic work will continue as normal.

“The university is a space that promotes learning and the free movement of ideas not so-called power games and conflicts unrelated to its work,” the university rectorship said.

The attack was also “absolutely condemned” by SYRIZA, which noting that such actions “turn against public universities and pave the way for autocratic attitudes and privatisations.”