Conditions are now right for KINAL’s rise, Gennimata says

The conditions are now right for the Movement for Change (KINAL) to come forward and effectively play the role of the main opposition, with on its own narrative and its own social contract based on the banner of “New Change – Green Social Contract – New National Strategy”, KINAL leader Fofi Gennimata said on Sunday, addressing a session of the party’s Central Committee.

She said the policies of the government were starting to hurt society at a time when main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance was effectively incapable of playing its role, leaving the path open for KINAL’s rise in the polls.
Gennimata pointed to three events that made conditions favourable for the party, including the election of the SPD in Germany, the Franco-Greek defence agreement and the fascist phenomena in Thessaloniki combined with the government’s “unacceptable reaction”.

She also warned against division within the party and the danger that the other candidates for its leadership with “weaken” its autonomous course after 2015.