Conference of Presidents decides measures to help children who lost their parents in the fires

The Conference of Parliament Presidents on Wednesday decided unanimously on a series of measures to support and help the children who have lost their parents to the murderous fires of eastern Attica.

The first measure will be the payment of a sum amounting to 10 million euros from the parliament’s reserves into a Special Account opened by the state to support fire victims.

The second measure is the a one-off payment to children in fire-stricken areas whose family status was violently changed during the unspeakable disaster.

“We will respond to their needs,” the president of the parliament Nikos Voutsis said after the meeting, commenting on its unanimous decision taken “in the context of the self-evident indication of solidarity and sympathy for the hundreds of our fellow citizens who have been affected by the unspeakable disaster.”

Voutsis clarified that the measures will be made more specific as soon as the inspections to record the damage have been completed by the competent services and there is a complete picture, noting that these will be tabled immediately in the form of amendments to the bills to be voted upon.