Conservative attitude is linked with disgust and revulsion

The more conservative attitude, mentality and political ideology a person has, the most probable it is to feel disgust and revulsion for the bacteria while considering interpersonal contact a threat, according to a new international research with the participation of Greek scientists.

Alternate professor of experimental social psychology of Panteion University Gerassimos Prodromitis who conducted the Greek part of the research held in 30 countries said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency that “the increased tend of disgust and revulsion is linked with the conservative attitude and the conservative political ideology”.
The scientists found that countries with high rate of diseases are the most conservative ones and the most ideologically conservative people are the most squeamish ones.

Countries such as Brazil, China, India that are plagued by many diseases have a higher rate of disgust and revulsion while in the other hand, Sweden, Britain and Canada the people are less disgusted with bacteria and illnesses. Greece is in the middle and follows the general international trend.

Professor Prodromitis said that people who follow the triptych “country-religion-family”, as it is often the case in Greece, feel more disgust. These people are prone to intimacy phobia and have a tendency to turn in on themselves. He also said that this study, the first held in Greece, reaffirms results of previous researches in other countries that indicate that traditionalism, right authoritarianism and in general arbitary and conservative personalities show higher inclination to disgust as well as discrimination to whatever they consider a threat from bacteria, certain groups of people, particularly migrants and the sexually liberals (as prostitutes, homosexuals, etc).

According to the study’s results, 28.2 percent of those asked in Greece expressed high disgust and 5.3 percent showed extreme conservative tendencies.