Construction of TAP pipeline has created 2,500 job positions in Greece, says chief of project

Approximately half of the employees in the construction of TAP natural gas pipeline are in Greece which has the largest part of the pipeline from the Greek-Turkish borders to Italy, said the chief of the project for Greece Rikard Scoufias addressing the Forum for the Balkans and Black Sea Cooperation.

“TAP is a dream that is becoming reality thanks to the work of the 5,200 persons in the three countries that host the pipeline, 2,500 of them are working in Greece”, Scoufias said who said that TAP is a tangible example of cooperation in the energy sector between countries, enterprises and communities. A work that contributes to the supply of natural gas and the increase of energy sources for Europe along with growth, job positions and new opportunities to the hosting countries.
The forum took place on 24 and 25 May in the city of Serres.