Convert Group presents eRetail Audit project

Convert Group, a Greek consultant company on e-commerce and digital transformation, announced a global exclusivity presenting an eRetail Audit project which measures market shares for consumer products sold in e-commerce.

The project was presented on Wednesday in Athens, by a group of computer programmers and specialized data analysts headed by Elena Chalaizopoulou, Convert Group partner.

It is the first time that consumer goods companies are able to learn their market shares in e-commerce channels, a field of intense competition for multinational and local brands worldwide.

Measuring of market shares is made in real time, safeguarding the credibility of the data. The methodology also offers the ability to collect marketing data for a period of two years for each computer used for an online purchase.

Panagiotis Gezerlis, CEO and Head of Consulting, and Elena Chailazopoulou, Head of eRetail Audit, said: “We are proud that a Greek company achieved a global exclusivity in the area of market research and e-commerce. Our goal is to establish the project as a European market share measuring model for online purchases in various sectors”.
eRetail Audit is already implemented in the online pharmacy sector, one of the most competitive sectors in the Greek market with an expected turnover of 90 million euros in 2016.