Cooperation agreement between AADE and Papastratos to combat illicit tobacco trade

The chief of the Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) Giorgos Pitsilis and the president and CEO of Papastratos company Christos Harpantidis have signed a cooperation agreement for the fight against the illicit trade of tobacco products, it was announced on Friday.

The agreement strengthens strategic cooperation between the two sides to combat the illicit trade in tobacco products. In this context, Papastratos will continue to actively support AADE through the donation of new equipment, which is intended to cover part of its operational needs.

“This agreement aspires to be an opportunity to develop action and change our way of thinking in the field of smuggling and protection of consumers. I hope it will be another step in cooperation that, on the one hand, will lead us to work at the same table to face common challenges and, on the other hand, will be translated into concrete actions with visible results,” Pitsilis said.

On his part, Harpantidis, praised AADE’s work, underlining its contribution to solving a chronic economic and social problem. “The illicit trade in tobacco products is a well-known and difficult social problem. AADE has an important role in combating it, not only focusing on its economic impact, but also understanding the impact on the health of citizens and society. In Papastratos we recognize the work and contribution of AADE and we are trying, as we should, to give it support in practice.”