Cooperation protocol for the Support of Island Entrepreneurship signed

A Cooperation Protocol for the Support of Island Entrepreneurship was signed by Thassos Kalogridis, President of the Chamber of Development of Greek Islands (EOAEN) and Kostas Galiatsos, President of the National Entrepreneurship and Development Fund (ETEAN), at the 42nd Annual General Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce held last Saturday on the island of Oinousses.

Referring to the commencement of this cooperation with ETEAN, EOAEN President Thassos Kalogridis stressed that the Cooperation Protocol is the result of a series of contacts between the two institutions over the last few months in an effort to find solutions to support entrepreneurship on the islands.

The protocol firstly allows each EOAEN member to set up a local “ETEAN Contact Point” on each island, thus opening the way to alleviating the exclusion and isolation felt by island businesses. Secondly, it provides for the cooperation of the two bodies to create an Island Entrepreneurship Fund. Thirdly, it promotes the creation of a Regional Development Fund in each island region and finally provides for synergy for the establishment of the European Insularity Cohesion and Entrepreneurship Fund.

Galiatsos, Chairman and Managing Director of ETEAN, referred to the development model of Regional Development Funds and their favorable impact on island economies. While addressing the general assembly, he recommended the creation of a North Aegean Development Fund and referred to EOAEN’s efforts to create, on the one hand, a European Structural Fund for Islands and, on the other hand, to set up an Island Development Fund.