Corfu’s colourful Easter draws even more tourists, with visitors up 10 pct in 2018

An increase of 10 pct was recorded in the number of tourists visiting Corfu to spend their Easter holidays, Corfu Tour Operators Chairman, Vassilios Kaloudis said on Wednesday in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

“Corfu already has an increase in tourist arrivals for this Easter that is 10 pct up compared to last year,” he said, adding that demand for accommodation has led many hotel owners to open their units earlier than the usual.

“The hotels in the city of Corfu and its suburbs are already almost full and are expected to reach 100 pct capacity by the end of the week,” President of the Corfu Hoteliers Association, Charalambos Voulgaris, said to ANA.

Voulgaris also estimated that the summer season has started earlier this year and is seen up 5-10 pct compared to last year.

Corfu is a traditional Easter destination as many events take place during Holy Week, such as the Easter Sunday tradition, unique to the island, of hurling of clay pots from windows and balconies, which crash noisily onto the streets below.