Corruption magistrate sends six involved in cancer-drugs case to jail

Hearings concluded over a criminal organisation involved in the fraudulent misappropriation and black-market sale of expensive anti-cancer medication on Tuesday night, with the testimonies of the alleged criminal ring leader and another 20 people charged in connection with the case.

The 70-year old Egyptian who, according to the casefile was the head of the ring, and another person charged with direct complicity were sent directly to jail.

After the conclusion of the testimonies before the corruption magistrate, six persons were placed in custody. Besides the alleged ringleader, they include the supervisor of two nurses at the Laiko Hospital, a retired male nurse from the same hospital and a pharmacist. Additionally, two suspects, a doctor and a pharmaceuticals wholesaler were placed under house detention.

The charges against those implicated in the affair include those of organising and participating in criminal fraud, sale of narcotic substances, embezzlement, money laundering and the issue and use of false medical certificates.