Cosco’s large floating ship repair dock arrives in Piraeus

A large floating dock, “Piraeus III”, arrived at Greece’s Piraeus port early on Sunday, transported from China to Greece by Cosco Shipping’s “Xin Guang Hua” ship.

The new floating dock was ordered by Cosco, majority owner of Piraeus Port Authority (PPA), and will be moved to the shipyards in Perama.

The new Panamax dock can lift up to 22,000 tonnes, hold ships up to 249m long by 35m wide, and can carry up to 80,000 tonnes.

PPA said several shipping lines have expressed interest in using the new dock, which will expand the shipyard’s existing capability and allow more repair orders to come in.

The dock is expected to be put to use soon, once preliminary work in the port such as deepening the sea basin is completed.

Welcoming the new arrival, Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Vassilis Korkidis said in an announcement that Piraeus vendors are lining up for inclusion in the suppliers list to equip and supply facilities at the port.

“The development projects included in the Master Plan must proceed so that Piraeus stops paying for past mistakes, which cost it significant infrastructure, and finally achieve the leading position it deserves,” he said.