Council of State rejects arguments to annul Greece-FYROM agreement

The Council of State on Tuesday rejected on Tuesday arguments by the National Federation of Cultural Associations of Macedonians and 13 overseas Panmacedonian Unions for the annulment of the Greece-FYROM name issue agreement.

In their petition, the associations and unions claimed that the agreement, signed at the Prespes borders on June 17 by the foreign ministers of both countries, violates article 27 of the constitution which requires parliamentary approval prior to its signing.

Following the council’s rejection of the arguments calling for immediate annulment, the council will formally discuss the petition at its plenum session in the first half of December.

In their response, the judges of the highest administrative court in Greece referred to the ratification process and said that if the agreement is not implemented in its totality or partially, “it will not bind either side in any way.”

The judges also addressed the concern that Greek companies would lose the right to the use of the term “Macedonian” in their names or product labels and that Greek trademarks would be open to challenges.

The Council of State said however that their claim is “vague” and the agreement is contested by a third party, with “none of the petitioners showing they have a specific legal claim to a specific product, trademark or company that is being directly harmed by the application of the agreement’s terms.”