Council of State: Tendering of Perama-Salamina underwater tunnel may continue

The tendering of an underwater tunnel connecting Perama, a suburb of the Piraeus metropolitan area, with the intersechange of Paloukia on the island of Salamis may continue as planned, the Council of State ruled.

The tunnel is nearly 3 km long and includes sections that bypass the district of Perama and the town of Salamina, which adds up to a total length of 14.5 km. The tendering of the project is in the second phase right now.

“Perivos”, an environmental association on the island, had filed an injunction with the court to request the annulment of a 2012 decision by the then-minister of infrastructure that called for the tendering of the project. It claimed the ministerial decision was unconstitutional and illegal, a claim the Council of State rejected groundless.

The project is part of the new Athens-Attica regulatory plan, and a strategic review of environmental repercussions is being carried out by the Organisation of Athens’ Regulatory Plan.