Counter-terrorism squad on trail of alleged far-right criminal group, detains six

Greece’s counter-terrorism squad on Tuesday announced that its investigations have led to the discovery of a criminal organisation allegedly linked to the extreme right that may be involved in explosions, raids and arsonist attacks. It announced that coordinated operations were launched on Tuesday morning in Attica and other areas of Greece.

According to the police, six persons were detained and will later be placed under arrest as suspected members of the organisation, as well as for their suspected participation in a series of attacks involving explosions, firebombs and raids on locations frequented by migrants and members of anti-establishment groups.

Police also conducted searches of the suspects’ homes and expect that more individuals will be detained for questioning as the investigation unfolds. During a search of six houses in Attica, a city in Epirus and another in northern Greece authorities found a number of petrol bombs and explosives.

The investigations leading to the arrests concerned more than 20 attacks carried out in recent months, for which the specific organisation has claimed responsibility with posts on a far-right website. Among them was last summer’s attack on the “Free Social Center Favela” in Piraeus and in other locations in Athens.

Police will release further details on the case after the conclusion of the investigation.