Course to clear exit progressing smoothly, says gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos

State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos expressed his certainty over the country’s exit from the memoranda and the strict surveillance in an interview with the Sunday newspaper “Real News”.

The course for the clear exit progressing with firm steps, he said adding that there will be surveillance of the Greek economy as it happened in all the countries that have gone through a programme. Asked on IMF’s participation, he estimated that the Fund is not necessary for eurozone support programmes and explained “the prior issue is the conclusion of the programme, the debt settlement and the restoration of the access to the markets on good conditions”.

On the negotiations with Fyrom and the political correlations, Tzanakopoulos noted that “the top priority is an agreement based on the proposals tabled to the neighbouring country” adding that «If this is achieved then a parliamentary majority will not be difficult to be reached according to the parliamentary parties’ public positions”.

Referring to the Turkish provocations, the government spokesman said that the stance of the neighbouring country has become extremely provocative. “It is obvious that this development raises concern and for this reason we demand from Turkey to respect the international law and to act with prudence. The aim is the normalisation of our relations with our neighbours but this does not mean that we are not in constant vigilance to defend our sovereignty rights.”