Court finds former statistics chief guilty of breach of duty

Former chief statistician Andreas Georgiou was found guilty of breaching his duties by a three-member appeals court in Athens on Tuesday, and handed a two-year suspended jail sentence.

According to the ruling, Georgiou was convicted for not consulting with ELSTAT’s board over the revised 2009 deficit data the authority sent to the Eurostat in November 2010 during his tenure at the helm of Greece’s statistical authority ELSTAT in 2010-2015.

The court however acquitted Georgiou of two other charges that concern his decision not to convene ELSTAT’s board and for maintaining his previous position to the International Monetary Fund for a few months after he had taken over his new post.

The judges didn’t accept any mitigating factors for the accused and handed the highest sentence for the crime, as proposed by the prosecutor Lambros Patsavellas.