Court of Audit’s opinion on public sector pensions is ‘purely consultative’, say gov’t sources

The Court of Audit’s competence regarding bills relating to public-sector pensions is “purely consultative,” government sources said on Wednesday, adding that the provisions on which the court has weighed in are only part of the bill that will be tabled in parliament.

According to press reports, the plenary of the court ruled on Tuesday that the 18 percent cuts to main and supplementary pensions as of 2019 may be contrary to the first additional protocol of the European Convention of Human Rights.

The government sources said the draft bill will be accompanied by a justification report for all the provisions included, while the court’s opinion will be “taken into account” and amendments will be made “wherever necessary.”

“The bill will include a set of positive measures of social support that will minimize the burdens, leading to a zero impact on the budget,” they said, adding that the report will clarify the reasons why these provisions were chosen.