Court officials sue state for appointments coming 19 years after passing civil service exams

Greeceā€™s highest administrative court, the Council of State, discussed on Thursday a suit filed by 2,200 court personnel who are requesting back pay for being appointed to their positions nineteen years after passing civil service examinations.

The 2,200 had successfully passed the state-administered (ASEP) examinations in 1998 and were appointed in batches in courts throughout Greece over several years: in 1998, 2005, and in 2017 by order of the justice minister.

The appointees are asking for an annulment as unconstitutional and illegal of a section of the ministerial hiring decision that does not include retroactive payment for the number of years they waited to be appointed.

In their argument, their lawyers said that following a 2004 decision by the Council of State, relevant ministers should have hired all of the 1998 applicants, not just some of them.

According to a document presented in court, the ASEP agency had called on the government in 2011 to appoint all successful applicants of 1998 by special regulation.

The Council of State has reserved its judgement for a later date.