Turkish court rejects request for two Greek soldiers’ release from jail

A request for the release of the two Greek soldiers held in Turkey has been rejected for the second time, according to Anadolu news agency, and the two Greek soldiers will remain in jail. The request was filed on Tuesday by their lawyers and the court ruled negatively on the same day.

The judge, who immediately examined the request, decided that the soldiers should remain in jail because “there is tangible evidence – strong suspicions that the two arrested have committed the offence they are accused of.”

Moreover, based on the court’s reasoning – as published in the newspaper Hurriyet and other media – the two are considered a flight risk as “they do not have a residential address in Turkey” and “there is the thought that they can leave if they remain free.” Another reason given for refusing their release was that the alleged offence was committed by military personnel, as well as the way it was committed.

The judge also reasoned that “the measure of imprisonment on remand is reasonable given that the statutory penalty is five years imprisonment.” Finally, he argued that their release with conditions “is insufficient”.