Court rules against extradition of Turkish national accused of terrorism

The Appeals Court of Larissa has decided against the extradition of Turkish national Ali Ercan Gokoglou so that he may face terrorism charges in Turkey. In a ruling on Monday, the panel of judges accepted the arguments of a public prosecutor that there were insufficient guarantees that the 50-year-old would be given a fair trial in Turkey.

Gokoglou and another eight Turkish nationals were arrested by Greece’s Counter-terrorism squad in Athens on November 28, 2017.

Greek authorities had been asked to extradite Gokoglou as a convicted member of a terrorist organisation, so that he might serve an outstanding sentence of six years and three months imprisonment for an offence committed in 1999.

His defence claimed that Gokoglou was being persecuted for his political activity and because he was a member of TAYAD (Solidarity Association of the Families of the Prisoners and the Sentenced).

Gokoglou said that he was being targeted because he had written articles in political magazines in Turkey and that he left the country due to “the political condition”. He denied all charges of involvement in a terror organisation and said that he fears for his life if he is returned to Turkey.