Court to hear Turkey’s third extradition request for its servicemen on March 16

The Athens Court of Appeal will examine on March 16 the third request by Turkey to extradite the eight Turkish servicemen who escaped to Greece shortly after the failed coup attempt in the neighbouring country in July 2016.

According to the Turkish authorities, the eight officers are accused of eight crimes: Attempt to abolish the government of the Republic of Turkey or prevent it from carrying out its mission, attempt to abolish constitutional order, attempt to abolish the Turkish National Assembly or obstruct it from carrying out its mission, participation in an armed terrorist organization, attempted murder, desertion to a foreign country, theft of military material, damage to military material.

Lawyers for “Turkey’s 8” are Christos Mylonopoulos and Omiros Zelios. All eight men are currently detained at the police station of the former Olympic Village in Aharnes as they wait for their asylum status to be determined.