Covernment sources: PM Tsipras’ visit to the US confirms that Greece has turned a page

Investments, the economy, security, regional developments and energy are the issues that will dominate a series of contacts and discussions between Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and top US officials, investors, entrepreneurs and members of the Greek community in the US.

According to sources, Tsipras will arrive late Friday night in Chicago, where he will have meetings and contacts throughout the weekend with representatives of the Greek community, as well as with American officials who have shown keen interest in the presence of the Greek prime minister in the capital of Illinois. Tsipras will also have the opportunity to talk to representatives of the investment community and the business community based in Chicago.

On Monday, he will meet with the city’s authorities: the mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel and the governor of Illinois Bruce Rauner. In addition, on the morning of the same day, he will address the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on “Greece as a strategic partner for the US in Southeastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean.”

On Monday afternoon he will travel to Washington, where he will meet with International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde, at the headquarters of the Fund in Washington.

On Tuesday, Tsipras will meet with the US President Donald Trump at the White House. On Wednesday, he will meet with US Vice President Mike Pence and then will leave for the EU summit in Brussels.

According to government sources, the topics of the talks he will have are:

– The economy, with emphasis on strengthening Greece’s efforts to exit the crisis and its stable access to markets.

– Security, given the critical role our country plays in the wider region.

– Regional developments.

– Energy, given the international interest in this issue and the country’s position, which is an important factor in upgrading its role in this area.

During his stay in Washington, the Greek prime minister will also have meetings with investors and entrepreneurs, organisations and representatives of the Diaspora, and finally at noon Wednesday, will deliver a speech at the Brookings Institute.

A crucial point of his visit is the significant upgrading of Athens’ relations with the Greek community in the US that supports the country’s recovery effort and play an important role for attracting investors. The visit will also emphasise the fact that Greece’s has turned a page and its economy – with steady steps and at the same time with an emphasis on social care – is emerging from ordeal of the memoranda.

At the same time, it plays a central role as a pole of stability in the wider region, with a strong say in regional and global geopolitical developments.