Covid certificates can now be stored in digital wallets via Covid Free Gr Wallet app

Greek citizens will from now on have the opportunity to store certificates relating to coronavirus immunisation or negative test results in a digital wallet application for their mobile phone or tablet, via Covid Free Gr Wallet created by the digital governance ministry. This will be similar to the digital wallets used to store documents such as boarding cards or theatres tickets, the ministry said on Wednesday.

The app will make it simpler to save and display digital certificates of vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 and negative test results in electronic devices in a single location, thus facilitating checking. The COVID Free Gr Wallet can be downloaded from the website, as well as App Store and Google Play.

It takes a couple of minutes for certificates to be stored, either by scanning the QR code of each certificate or converting it into a pdf, after which the next step in the process asking users to “Save in wallet” will appear on the screen.

“It is possible to store either the EU COVID Certificate or the national vaccination certificate, certificates of recovery from Covid-19 or negative tests for as many people as the user wants, something which is extremely useful for all the family,” said the ministry.