Creditors’ representatives see higher than 1.8 pct growth for 2017, Papadimoulis says

Representatives of Greece’s creditors are predicting growth rates higher than 1.8 percent for 2017, European Parliament Vice President Dimitris Papadimoulis said in an interview with “Sto Kokkino” radio station on Tuesday.

“The creditors’ representatives have themselves said that if the Greek economy continued to grow at an accelerating pace in the second quarter of 2016, amid the uncertainty of the second programme review, judging by the informal data on the course of the third quarter and with the assistance of a record-year in tourism, it is possible that it will exceed the Commission’s forecast of 1.8 pct growth in 2017 in Greece,” he said.

“There is predominantly good news about Greece’s situation and the prospects of the its economy […]” he said but warned that “we have to refrain from complacency and avoid any pratfalls until August 2018.” In this context, he stressed that the third programme review must be concluded at the Eurogroup on December 4, and stressed that “in order to emerge from supervision and the memoranda, the intermediate targets set have to be implemented with speed, accuracy and efficiency.”

He stressed that “the agenda of this review is easier because it is mainly about implementation issues.”