Creta Farms expands activities in Bulgarian market

Creta Farms on Wednesday announced its entrance in the Bulgarian market with the promotion of its “En Elladi” product series.

A company announcement said that these products will be on supermarket shelves from the beginning of 2017 through an agreement reached with a local partner.

“Creta Farms, based on detailed research and market study on each country and in the case of Bulgaria has received very good results in product acceptance with its “En Elladi” recipe which is making it a leader in Greece,” the announcement said.

The Bulgarian delicatessen market totals around 600 million euros, almost equal to that of Greece and has positive growth prospects, offering the ground for Creta Farms’ further expansion in the wider Balkan region. Creta Farms and its Bulgarian partner will support an advertizing campaign for a population of 7.0 million in the country.