Creta Farms expands to Serbia

Creta Farms ABEE, a Greek-listed delicatessen company, is entering the Serbian market with its “En Elladi” product series through the “supply & licensing agreement” method.

In a business forum organized recently in Serbia, in the framework of an official visit by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Creta Farms officially announced its partnership with Carnex. The agreement and the promotion of the products will be supported by both sides with an ad campaign focusing on a population of 7.0 million. Creta Farms chairman Emmanouel Domazakis and Carnex managing director Vladista Mladenovic, expressed their satisfaction for the agreement which joins the forces of the largest Greek delicatessen company in Greece and the largest agro-food company in Serbia.

Carnex has a total of 20,000 customers, a workforce of 1,000 and it is one of the strongest business groups in the country.

“Creta Farms has proven in the last few months that it expands rapidly in the Balkans and Europe with the promise for a dynamic continuation. Serbia, with its economy entering a growth course, is the second largest economy in Western Balkans, with the domestic delicatessen market totaling around 350 million euros annually. We are very proud as a company to be able to invest, strengthening Greek entrepreneurship abroad, but mostly because such large companies such as Carnex have confidence in our innovation and adopt our philosophy for quality and nutritional products that will help people to learn to feed and live better,” Domazakis said in an announcement.