Critical talks on Greek debt relief on the sidelines of IMF-WB summit

Brussels and Athens are now turning their attention to Washington, where critical discussions on Greek debt relief will be held on the sidelines of the spring International Monetary Fund and World Bank Spring Meeting.

According to Athens-Macedonian News Agency’s sources, the Europeans welcomed the IMF’s estimates for the medium-term course of the Greek economy, which showed greater convergence with those of Europe. At the same time, European officials are now convinced of the IMF’s “will” to activate its programme for Greece before the European part of the programme is completed.

In addition, in the last few months, the Eurogroup Working Group has been working on the technical work to specify the debt relief measures to be implemented after the end of the programme, but also on the so-called ‘French mechanism’ for linking growth with the repayment of Greek sovereign debt.

In any case, the IMF’s intentions will be obvious over the next few days and during the meetings that will be held among the participants in Washington.