CSR Hellas – SEV to organize conference on sustainable growth

CSR Hellas and the Federation of Hellenic Enterprises’ Council for Sustainable Growth will organize a conference on “Commitment on Sustainable Growth – 17 global goals for a common better future” in Athens, March 2 2017.

In an announcement, the two organizers said that creating a new business environment, because of the globalization, climate change, higher urbanization, technological revolution and intense competition for raw materials and natural resources was an undisputed fact. Particularly in Greece, where enterprises and the society live under crisis situations, the need to develop and innovate was imperative. The use of the term growth, however, is short as it usually refers to economic data without ensuring the growth that will leads to exit the crisis, covering our current needs but without undermining the ability of future generations to respond to their needs. This is the sustainability criterion recorded in the Brundtland Report in 1987.

The “Agenda 2030” of the United Nations, envisaging 17 goals for sustainable growth (SDGs), adopted in September 2015 by the 193 member-states of the UN, is an ambitious commitment which could become a road map for a modrn way of doing business.

The conference aims to launch a wider dialogue among enterprises and interested parties on SDGs, presenting best practices and highlighting partnership and dialogue as a necessary condition to achieve SDGs.