Cultural event includes 500 artists, creators and intellectuals in Athens

Little Paris in Athens is a district where Athens urban and popular culture meets Greek folklore and cultures of immigrants, travelers and visitors. At its start, this initiative aimed at bringing cultural and artistic bloom in this deprived part of Athens, evolving gradually into a renowned, multi-faceted cultural event. During 10 days, more than 500 artists, creators and intellectuals will show up at 40 selected locations.

Ten days of entertainment for free for every Greek citizen. French details in the neighbourhoods of Athens.

It’s been in 2013,when Greek artists decided to invite everybody to a celebration called Little Paris, in the center of Athens.

“I grew up here, I was born in this neighbourhood. I knew this part of Athens when it blossomed,but also when it was forgotten. We wanted to bring life again here,” said musician Marios Strophalis.

Every street in this part of Athens has french name. It was a decision made in 19th century by King Othon.

Petit Paris or little Athens has come back in Athens for fourth consecutive year.Concerts and other events take place in the center of Athens creating a different and free spectacle for citizens

“It a celebration for everybody. We want everybody to enjoy it,” said Giorgos Loukas from Circus Arts Entertainment.

Athenians enjoy this celebration, since lots of them complain that their neighbourhoods had been forgotten since migrants had arrived there lots of years ago.

It is called Little Paris, but the aim is to boost a multicultural Athens where everybody has equal rights.

Source: CCTV