Culture Minister Baltas: Thessaloniki Film Festival creates a climate of love and collectiveness for the city

“I feel that we are making a new start, a more ambitious one, with a larger participation of the city and not only the artists,” Culture Minister Aristidis Baltas said on Friday in an interview with Praktorio 104.9 FM referring to Thessaloniki Film Festival.

“The people of the culture sector are closely cooperating, caring for each other, creating a climate of love and collectiveness for the city,” he underlined.

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival will take place November 3-13.

Referring to the three-day event to showcase the Byzantine Thessaloniki, he said that this is an important effort
that highlights the multicultural character of the city.

“Thessaloniki is a central city among all the Byzantine cities of Europe and these events are one more effort of synergy,” he added.