Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou: Νeed to link culture with education

Greece’s new Culture Minister Lydia Koniordou took over from outgoing minister Aristidis Baltas on Monday, in a handover ceremony at the culture ministry.

“After the great work done here I will short, since it is best if one speaks with actions rather than words,” the new minister said after her predecessor had outlined the achievements of his term at the ministry.

She said that all sides must rally together at this crucial time for the country, noting a need to link culture with education, tourism and gentler forms of productivity.

“We must encourage productivity, the first-rate products and capabilities of our country, through a healthy entrepreneurship and a philosophy of sustainable growth, because the memory and unique beauty of this country must be preserved,” Koniordou said.

She promised that the doors of the ministry will always be open to archaeologists, artists, writers and other persons of the arts and letters, helping them to bring their work to the world.