D. Tzanakopoulos: We will not accept unreasonable IMF demands

The debate on the terms of the IMF participation in the Greek economic programme has not yet been concluded, State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos on Saturday said in an interview with Alpha radio station.

“Either the IMF will participate as a technical advisor, or will financially help, it must immediately decide and stop delaying the conclusion of the programme review,” Tzanakopoulos underlined.

He cleared out that unreasonable IMF demands such as new measures after the end of the programme in August 2018 will not be made accepted.

Tzanakopoulos also said that the 3.5 primary surplus target will be met without new measures. He estimated that the agreement will be achieved within the schedule adding that the country will then participate in the ECB quantitative easing programme in the first quarter of 2017.