Decisions on how to distribute 1.1-bln-euro excess surplus in coming days, Gerovasili tells SKAI TV

An exit from the memorandum era is in sight, Administrative Reconstruction Minister Olga Gerovasili said in an interview with SKAI television on Wednesday, noting that the country’s growth rate was positive for the first time since 2009.

On how the government intends to distribute the excess primary surplus that Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos predicted on Tuesday, she said decisions on how to spend the 1.1 billion euros will be made in the coming days.

Gerovasili disagreed with a proposal made by Parliament President Nikos Voutsis for holding “triple elections”, where people voted simultaneously for the national parliament, European parliament and local government. “It is not right to get into triple proceedings because that would change the result and miss the point of each election,” she said.

Commenting on evaluation in the public sector, the minister emphasised that the staff found to be sub-standard will not be fired and that the aim was to improve their performance, either through additional training or by putting them in another position. For public-sector staff facing disciplinary action for misconduct, Gerovasili said the cases were being rapidly processed and that 1,130 case files had been forwarded to justice for further action.