Defence Min Kammenos: We do not agree with the reduction of the tax free threshold

“We do not agree with the reduction of the tax free threshold because it wil hurt the low incomes,” Defence Minister Panos Kammenos on Tuesday said in statements to ANT1 TV.

He underlined that despite the pressure and the reports for lower salaries and pensions, nothing has been confirmed. He reassured that the government is still negotiating and the economic staff is striving to close the second programme review.

Kammenos accused Germany that it does not behave as an ally but as a ‘loan shark’ and stressed that the US traditionally support Greece in difficult times. He said he is a supporter of Donald Trump adding that his Greek Americans associates will do their best to help the country. He also praised the position of Trump that Russia is not the enemy, but the Islamist terrorism is.

Moreover, he cleared out that Greece will stick to its firm policy and will not participate in military operations in the region, if it is asked to do so, against the ISIS, stressing that Greece is helping in other ways the countries that have been hurt by the Islamic Military.