Defence Minister Kammenos: Highlighting the truth about the Pontic genocide is our duty

Fighting for international recognition of the genocide of Pontic Greeks is a ongoing struggle “in which we have an obligation to prevail in order to vindicate all Greeks in all parts of the world,” Greece’s Defence Minister and head of the Independent Greeks (ANEL) party Panos Kammenos said on Thursday.

“Bringing attention to this historical truth is our duty,” Kammenos added, in a message one day ahead of the Pontic Greek Genocide Remembrance Day on May 19.

“Consequently, it is the duty of our generation toward our history to protect the Greek monuments along the Black Sea and the Orthodox churches, especially the Panagia Soumela Monastery,” he said. “Today, as the Armed Forces, we honour Pontic Hellenism and its history and assure the entire Greek nation that we are the guarantors of the security and stability of our region and will not allow the crimes against our people to be repeated.”