Deloitte: Greek CFOs most optimistic in Europe

Greek Chief Financial Officers were the most optimistic in Europe on economic outlook and their company’s prospects, Deloitte said in its European CFO Survey Autumn 2018 released on Tuesday.

More specifically, the average optimism of Greek CFOs over their company’s futures reached 39 pct, up 3.0 pct compared with the previous survey, ranking at the top among other European counterparts. The percentage of Greek CFOs who said they were uncertain over future prospects fell by 37 pct, recording the biggest improvement in Europe. Fifty-one pct of Greek CFOs said the level of uncertainty was high.

The survey said Greece was the only “sign of optimism” of the European CFO Survey Autumn 2018, with the percentage of CFOs willing to take a business risk growing by 12 pct to 32 pct, the highest since the survey began in the spring of 2016. Business risk intention fell in all other European countries.

Greek CFOs said available economic prospects and growth, geopolitical risks and a complex regulatory framework were the top risks for their companies. Greek CFOs were optimistic over revenue trends (66 pct from 41 pct on average in the rest of Europe), while outlook for profit margin remained positive (+27 pct) from +12 pct on average in Europe.