Deloitte pan-European survey: Greek CFOs more optimistic

A 73 pct of Greek CFOs expect increased revenue for their companies in the next 12 months, Deloitte said in a pan-European survey released on Thursday. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,473 financial officers in 20 European countries and showed that the average rate of optimism among CFOs in Europe reached 60 pct, with Greece ranking 4th among 19 countries in the survey.

The survey said that a 38 pct of Greek CFOs were optimistic over the next quarter, up from a 24 pct average in Europe, while a 59 pct of Greek CFOs faced strong external financial uncertainty, down from a European average of 63 pct. A 31 pct of CFOs in Greece said they were willing to take business risks, up from a 20 pct in Europe, while 30 pct of Greek executives expect an increase in the number of their workforce in the next 12 months, slightly down from a 32 pct average rate in Europe.

A 72 pct of Greek CFOs said a return of economic recession in the country was unlikely.