Democratic Alliance decides not to support article on gender identity change at 15

The opposition Democratic Alliance party has decided against supporting draft legislation that allows individuals to change the gender listed on their identity documents at 15, the party’s Parliamentary Group Secretary Vassilis Kegeroglou announced on Tuesday.

He said the party wants the article in question to be withdrawn or, in the case that the government refuses, to be modified so that the terms and conditions for changing gender are decided by presidential decree, not a ministerial decision as at present.

The final vote on the draft legislation is due to take place at 13:00 on Tuesday.

Following a meeting held on Tuesday morning, after the ruling coalition’s junior member Independent Greeks (ANEL) announced that its MPs will not necessarily support the bill, Democratic Alliance MPs finally decided to abstain by casting a “present” vote.

According to Kegeroglou, the draft bill needed additional work and appeared to have been “written on the hoof with changes made up until the last minute”.

“It should be withdrawn so that a open dialogue can begin on such a serious and sensitive social issue,” he said.