Dendias on Greece’s agreements with Italy, Egypt: Beneficial to Greece and fair to all sides

The Greek-Italian and Greek-Egyptian agreements on maritime borders, in their first reading at committee level in parliament, are both beneficial to Greece and fair, Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias said on Monday.

He said he had to be “sparse and careful” in his comments about the agreements because his words will have to accompany the ratification of the agreements in a future negotiation. He added however that he was available for further explanations to all parties, as long as it was not public and would not harm national interests.

“National solidarity is necessary at these difficult times we are experiencing,” he said, which would be the best response to the Turkish hubris.

He added that the ratio of maritime space in the agreement with Italy was 46 pct for Greece and 54 pct for Italy, while in the agreement with Egypt it was 45 pct for Greece and 55 pct for Egypt. Egypt was under pressure from Turkey to come to agreement with it for an additional 30 pct of EEZ, but Greece and Egypt “reached an agreement close to the goals of both sides,” which took “14 rounds of talks over 15 years.”