Dep. FΜ Mardas and Russian Transport Minister signs the protocol of the 10th Joint Greek-Russian Interministerial Committee

The protocol of the 10th Joint Greek-Russian Interministerial Committee was signed on Friday. The protocol includes nine units regarding energy, transport, tourism and cooperation on technology, said Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Mardas in statements to the press after his meeting with Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov.

Mardas underlined that now the two countries have targeted agreements. “A new way opens with this agreement and we continue our cooperation, mostly on the financial sector but also in other sectors as culture,” said Mardas adding that within this context Greece and Russia obtain a comprehensive cooperation network”.

On his part Sokolov characterised extremely important the signing of the specific protocol. “With our Greek partners we have a very constructive cooperation, particularly in this year which was Greece-Russia year,” he underlined.

Sokolov made a special reference to the important role of the Greece-Russia business council “we had a series of meetings which peaked with President Putin’s visit to Greece in May,” he said adding that the signing of this protocol is important also at a symbolic level because it depicts the fact that “we have reached a new stage in our cooperation” and called the cooperation between the two countries a legacy for further broadening the mutually beneficial cooperation”.