Dep. Health Min. Kontozamanis: Next days will be crucial

Deputy Health Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis on Tuesday led a team of top health ministry officials on a visit to the hospital of Katerini, their first stop on a tour of hospitals in northern Greece.

“The next days will be extremely crucial,” he said and appealed for the general observance the measures. “It may appear that there is a de-escalation but we still have a long way to go, we must not relax,” he said.

Kontozamanis, who was accompanied by doctors from “Sotiria” hospital in Athens, discussed and exchanged views with the medical and the nursing staff on ways to support the hospital, which has been especially badly hit by the pandemic in the last month.

“The region of Pieria is hard-pressed” stated Kontozamanis, adding that “it may seem in the daily epidemiological report that the new infections are low but we should not lose sight of the big picture. There is heavy epidemiological load in the region. We must not relax”.

The minister said that the hospital will be further supported with staff from other regions that are less badly affected. Kontozamanis also met with the president of the Medical Association of Pieria and expressed his certainty that all the doctors will contribute to the effort, both in the public and private sector.