Dep Min Economou’s reported ties to Lamda Development ‘raise ethical issues,’ Famellos says

Revelations that the new deputy Environment Minister Dimitris Economou, who will be in charge of town planning issues, was a former consultant for Lamda Development in the company’s negotiations for the Elliniko investment raise “serious political and ethical issues,” SYRIZA MP and former environment minister Sokratis Famellos said on Thursday.

“A major political issue arises: on what political and ethical basis can the technical advisor and representative of Lamda Development now represent the state in the negotiations on the parameters of the contract for Elliniko?” he noted.

According to Famellos, it also served to confirm that the company had been in cahoots with New Democracy throughout its negotiations with the Greek state, trying to to change the terms of the contract in its favour and at the expense of the public interest, and acting with the agreement of ND, which then appointed the company’s advisor and representative in the relevant position.

“Mr. Economou cannot represent the Greek state in a negotiation with a company that he represented and advised almost up to the elections,” Famellos added, calling on the prime minister to intervene.

He also commented on the changes made by SYRIZA to the original contract drawn up by the Samaras government, “so as to serve the interests of the environment and society”.

Meanwhile, according to an announcement made by Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Thursday, the president of the Technical Chamber of Greece Giorgos Stasinos has been appointed as technical consultant for the Elliniko investment.