DEPA: Competition Committee’s fine is “symbolic”

DEPA sources said on Wednesday that the 60,000 euro fine imposed by the Greek Competition Committee was “symbolic.”

The Competition Committee imposed a fine on natural gas company for lack of compliance in one of the seven commitments it has undertaken since 2012 to strengthen competition in the gas market.

“The Competition Committee,” DEPA said, “ruled by majority that there was little delay from DEPA regarding the offer of a contract to all customers without transfer services (and despite the announcements and the relevant post on DEPA website) and for that reason a symbolic fine of 60,000 euros was imposed.”

The company noted that the Committee referred tp the excellent cooperation of DEPA with the Authorities as well as its overall contribution to the process of liberalization of the energy market as well as that it has ascertained the compliance of DEPA with the other commitments concerning:

• Providing customers with flexibility in managing their contracts,

• the introduction of the flexibility factor and the application of the entry fee in the company’s pricing policy,

• the planning and implementation of an electronic auctions programme,

• the drafting of a gas contract for the purchase of natural gas within the Liquid Natural Gas Tank,

• the disposal of unused by the reserved capacity at the NNGT Entry Points, and

• the commitment of capacity by DEPA to the NNGS Entry Points.