DEPA to build LNG bunkering vessel

The natural gas supplier DEPA is going to build a ship that will supply other vessels in Piraeus and other Greek ports with liquified natural gas (LNG). The project will be co-funded by the EU.

According to DEPA, the vessel will be able to carry approximately 3,000 cubic metres LNG and will be the first ship of this kind in Greece and in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“The use of LNG in shipping, particularly is some vessel categories, constitutes the best solution to address the new stricter environmental requirements that will be applied worldwide for maritime fuel from 2020, as well as additional environmental requirements that will probably be imposed in the future,” said the company.

DEPA is the coordinator and partner of the POSEIDON MED II programme that is co-funded by the EU, which strives for the penetration of LNG in shipping, as well as of the programme BlueHUBS aiming for the construction of first LNG bunkering means.