Deputy FM Amanatidis stresses importance of fair and sustainable development

Deputy Foreign Minister Yiannis Amanatidis on Friday stressed the importance that the government is giving to the fair and and sustainable development at an event entitled “17 Targets of UN Sustainable Development” organized by the Centre of International Organizations and Globalization.

“The government’s effort has focused on a fair and sustainable development as a lever of restoring the forces of the country which have been deeply hit by the extended recession and the imposition of harsh austerity measures,” Amanatidis said adding that apart from our participation in the global effort to achieve the Sustainability Goals for Greece equitable and sustainable development has been the prime miniter’s priority for a long time.

Amanatidis said that the 17 Goals for Sustainable Development – poverty, gender equality, health, education, good governance, migration, climate change, protection of the environment – are ecumenical.