Deputy Foreign Minister Quick meets with his Irish counterpart Cannon in Dublin

Deputy Foreign Minister Terens Quick met on Saturday with his Irish counterpart CiarĂ¡n Cannon in Dublin.

The two top officials agreed on the immediate start of the Greek and Irish cooperation on Diaspora issues.

“Our talks were very fruitful. We agreed to start immediately the cooperation between the two countries at Diaspora level. It was also very honorable the minister’s proposal to start with cultural actions provided the Irish people’s respect to Greece’s international contribution” stated Quick after the meeting.

“We must not forget that the Irish Diaspora is a huge power of over 60 million, most of them are in the US and have high political influence. We also share our thirst for struggle for Freedom, an eternal flame that we Greeks, the Irish and the Cypriots have in our hearts”, the Greek minister noted.

In their meeting the Irish minister briefed Quick on the return programme of Irish new migrants after the end of the recent economic crisis in their country.

The Irish brain drain reached 250,000 people while the brain gain programme is progressive steadily with over 500 returns every week, said Cannon.