Deputy Labour Minister Antonopoulou: Europe’s future with work equality

“We live in the era of great inequalities: inequalities in income, access to education and employment, social security,” said Deputy Labour Minister, responsible for fighting unemployment, Rania Antonopoulou, in a conference on labour relations.

According to Antonopoulou, “the gap has exceeded sustainable levels, already affecting economies and threatening the cohesion of societies. It has been proven that some inequalities are associated with the mechanisms governing the workplace – from the level of wages and the type of labour relations to the constant professional education.”

“Therefore” – she noted – ” it is more critical than ever to see the future of Europe through these policies in order to ensure balance and fairness in the workplace.”

The conference, entitled “Inequality and the labour world: The role of industrial relations and social dialogue”, is jointly organized by the International Labour Organisation and the European Commission.

The conference, held on February 23 and 24, in Brussels, focuses on the impact of the increase in inequality in European social policies, but also the prospects of restructuring the European economy, with particular emphasis on the role of labour relations.